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1/2lb Assorted Rubber Bands - 00465R
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1/2lb Assorted Rubber Bands - 00465R

1/2lb Assorted Rubber Bands - 00465R

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The 1/2lb Assorted Rubber Bands package, model 00465R, offers a versatile and practical collection of rubber bands suitable for a wide range of applications in the office, home, workshop, or classroom. This assortment is designed to cater to various organizational and bundling needs, making it a must-have in any setting.

Diverse Sizes and Strengths:

  • Assorted Dimensions: The package includes a variety of sizes, ensuring there is a rubber band suitable for almost any task, from bundling small items to securing larger objects.
  • Mixed Thicknesses: Different thicknesses provide varying degrees of tension and stretchability, offering flexibility for different uses and materials.

High-Quality Material:

  • Durable Rubber Construction: Made from high-quality rubber, these bands are designed to be strong and elastic, maintaining their stretchiness and strength over time.
  • Resilient to Wear: Resistant to repeated stretching and day-to-day wear and tear.

Convenient Packaging:

  • Half-Pound Quantity: The package contains half a pound of rubber bands, offering a plentiful supply for long-term use.
  • Easily Accessible: Packaged in a bag for easy storage and quick access, keeping your workspace neat and organized.

Multipurpose Use:

  • Office and School Supplies: Ideal for organizing documents, securing files, closing envelopes, or bundling school supplies.
  • Home and Workshop Utility: Useful for household tasks like wrapping cords, securing lids, or even DIY projects and crafts.
  • Business and Retail Needs: Handy for businesses in packaging products, sorting inventories, or managing workshop materials.


  • Easy to Use: Simple to stretch and wrap, these rubber bands can be applied or removed quickly and effortlessly.
  • Safe Handling: Designed to minimize the risk of snapping or causing harm during use.

The 1/2lb Assorted Rubber Bands package, model 00465R, is an essential and reliable solution for everyday organizational challenges. Whether you are in an office setting, running a household, managing a classroom, or working in a workshop, these rubber bands provide a simple, effective, and economical way to keep things together.