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1/8in Mesh Screen Gold Panning Classifier - GP2-18
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Sona Enterprises

1/8in Mesh Screen Gold Panning Classifier - GP2-18

1/8in Mesh Screen Gold Panning Classifier - GP2-18

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The 1/8in Mesh Screen Gold Panning Classifier, model GP2-18, is a key instrument for any gold prospector, designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the gold panning process. This classifier is not only a standalone sifting tool but also part of a comprehensive system that can be stacked with other classifiers for graduated material size reduction.

Sophisticated Sifting System:

  • Fine Mesh Filtering: The 1/8-inch mesh screen is adept at separating smaller particulates, ideal for isolating finer textures and gold pieces from larger sediment.
  • Stackable Design: Engineered to be used in conjunction with additional classifiers of varying mesh sizes, creating an integrated system that progressively sorts material.

Durable and Convenient:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted to endure the rigors of frequent use, this classifier is both durable and reliable.
  • Universal Bucket Fit: Designed to fit atop a standard 5-gallon bucket, a common tool for prospectors, ensuring stability and ease of use in the field.

Enhanced Gold Recovery:

  • Optimized Prospecting: Aids in the quick and efficient recovery of gold by minimizing the time spent sifting through irrelevant materials.
  • Incremental Sizing: When used with other classifiers, it allows for a step-down approach to sifting, ensuring that each level captures the appropriately sized materials.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Ergonomic Handling: Despite its sturdy build, it's designed to be easy to handle and manipulate during the panning and classification process.
  • Rounded Edges: Rounded edges for easy lifting and manipulating the classifier

Versatility and Multi-Use:

  • Adaptable for Various Conditions: Equally effective in dry panning methods or when sifting through water-soaked materials.
  • Educational and Practical: Perfect for educational settings where students learn about geology and mineralogy, as well as for practical field use by seasoned prospectors.

Space-Saving and Organized:

  • Stackable for Storage: Classifiers can be nested together, saving space in transport and storage while keeping your prospecting gear orderly.
  • Rapid Cleanup: The stainless steel mesh and plastic rim are easy to clean, ensuring that your classifier is ready for the next use with minimal effort.

The 1/8in Mesh Screen Gold Panning Classifier, GP2-18, is an indispensable part of any serious gold prospector's kit. It's a tool that not only simplifies the process of sifting and sorting but also significantly increases the potential for a fruitful prospecting expedition. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this classifier is designed to help you find gold more efficiently.