100lb Retrieving Magnet - 53425

100lb Retrieving Magnet - 53425

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100lb Retrieving Magnet - 53425: Powerful and Versatile for Magnetic Retrieval and Holding

Strong Retrieval Capacity for Various Applications:

  • 100-Lb Lifting Strength: The Grip 100-Lb. Capacity Retrieving Magnet is designed with a substantial lifting strength of up to 100 pounds. This makes it highly effective for retrieving lost items or tools, especially in outdoor settings like fishing areas or water bodies.

  • Ideal for Scrap Iron Separation: The magnet can be used to separate scrap iron from waste materials, aiding in recycling efforts and cleanup of work areas. Its strong magnetic pull easily attracts ferrous objects, simplifying the separation process.

Convenient Design for Workplace Efficiency:

  • Threaded Hole for Versatile Mounting: The retrieving magnet features a threaded hole, allowing for easy attachment to various surfaces or equipment. This feature enhances its utility in different work environments.

  • Screw-In Ring for Welding Applications: It comes with a screw-in ring which can be mounted to any workbench. This setup is particularly useful as a powerful holder for welding applications, keeping ferrous materials securely in place during the welding process.

Practical Tool for Clean-Up and Organization:

  • Useful for Cleaning Work Areas: The magnet is not only helpful in retrieving items but also serves as an efficient tool for cleaning up ferrous objects in work areas. This can include nails, screws, and other small metal items that may be hazardous if left scattered.

Easy to Use and Highly Reliable:

  • Simple and Effective Operation: The 100lb Retrieving Magnet is straightforward to use. Its powerful magnetic force does the work, requiring minimal effort from the user.

  • Reliable for Frequent Use: The robust construction of the magnet ensures its reliability and longevity, even with frequent use in various settings.

Ideal for a Range of Settings and Users:

  • Versatile for Professional and Recreational Use: Whether for professional use in workshops and construction sites or for personal use in hobbies like fishing, this retrieving magnet is a versatile tool.

  • Enhances Safety and Convenience: By quickly collecting ferrous materials and holding items securely during welding, it enhances both safety and convenience in various tasks.


The 100lb Retrieving Magnet - 53425 is a powerful and versatile tool essential for anyone regularly dealing with ferrous materials. Whether it's for retrieving lost fishing gear, separating scrap iron, cleaning work areas, or assisting in welding applications, this magnet provides a strong, reliable solution. Its ease of use, combined with its powerful magnetic capability, makes it a valuable tool in a wide range of professional and recreational settings.