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10mm x 25mm Binoculars - BC21026R
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10mm x 25mm Binoculars - BC21026R

10mm x 25mm Binoculars - BC21026R

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10mm x 25mm Binoculars - BC21026R: Versatile and High-Performance for Outdoor Activities

Optimized Optical Features:

  • Ruby Coated Objective Lens: The binoculars feature a ruby-coated objective lens with a diameter of 25 mm, which enhances light transmission for brighter, clearer images. The ruby coating also reduces glare, making them ideal for use in various lighting conditions.

  • 10x Magnification: With a magnification power of 10x, these binoculars bring distant objects closer, perfect for detailed observation in a range of outdoor activities.

Enhanced Viewing Quality:

  • K9 Prism for Improved Contrast: The inclusion of a K9 prism in the binoculars enhances contrast, ensuring crisp and clear viewing. This feature is particularly beneficial for activities like bird watching or nature observation, where detail and color differentiation are essential.

Durable and User-Friendly Design:

  • Non-Slip Rubberized Body: The black rubberized body of the binoculars provides a non-slip grip, making them easy and secure to hold, even in wet conditions or with gloves.

Convenient Accessories Included:

  • Lanyard, Carrying Case, and Cleaning Cloth: The binoculars come with a 37” lanyard for easy carrying around the neck, a black carrying case for protection and transport, and a lens cleaning cloth for maintenance.

Ideal for a Range of Outdoor Activities:

  • Versatile Usage: These binoculars are great for a variety of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, star gazing, bird watching, boating, traveling, and more. Their versatility makes them a valuable tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

Portable for Travel and Expeditions:

  • Compact Size for Easy Transport: The 10mm x 25mm size of the binoculars makes them compact and portable, ideal for taking along on trips, hikes, and various outdoor adventures.


The 10mm x 25mm Binoculars - BC21026R offer a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and portability for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are into hunting, bird watching, or simply exploring nature, these binoculars with their enhanced optical features, durable construction, and handy accessories, provide a reliable and enjoyable viewing experience.