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10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81027
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10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81027

10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81027

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10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81027: Precision and Efficiency for Smoothing and Finishing

Designed for Fine Surface Finishing:

  • 120 Grit for Smooth Finishes: The 10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs are designed for fine surface finishing. The 120 grit rating indicates a medium level of abrasiveness, making these discs suitable for smoothing surfaces and preparing them for final finishing touches.

  • Ideal for Metal and Woodworking Projects: These flap discs are versatile and can be used effectively on various materials, including metal and wood. They are particularly useful in metal fabrication, woodworking, and finishing tasks where a smoother surface is desired.

Quick and Easy Attachment System:

  • Roll-Lock Style for Fast Changes: The discs feature a roll-lock style attachment system, which allows for quick and easy attachment to compatible tools. This feature enhances productivity by simplifying the process of changing discs.

  • 2-Inch Size for Precision: The 2-inch diameter of these flap discs makes them suitable for use on smaller surfaces or for detailed work. Their size allows for precision in finishing and ensures access to tighter spaces.

Durable Construction for Longevity:

  • Long-Lasting Abrasive Flaps: The flap discs are made with durable abrasive flaps that are designed to last longer and provide consistent performance throughout their lifespan. This durability ensures that each disc can be used effectively for multiple applications.

  • Pack of 10 for Extended Use: With 10 discs included in the set, users have a sufficient supply for multiple projects or for replacement needs. This quantity is practical for both professional and DIY users who engage in regular finishing tasks.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency:

  • Safe for Various Sanding Applications: The flap discs are designed to be safe for use, providing a controlled and even sanding action. This safety feature reduces the risk of gouging the material being sanded and ensures a more uniform finish.


The 10pc 120 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81027 are essential tools for achieving fine and smooth finishes on various surfaces. Their medium grit, easy attachment system, and durable construction make them ideal for a wide range of sanding and finishing applications, especially in metalworking and woodworking projects. Whether for professional use or personal DIY tasks, these flap discs offer the precision, durability, and safety required for effective surface preparation and finishing.