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10pc 2in 40 Grit Mounted Flap Wheel - 81020
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10pc 2in 40 Grit Mounted Flap Wheel - 81020

10pc 2in 40 Grit Mounted Flap Wheel - 81020

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10pc 2in 40 Grit Mounted Flap Wheel - 02925: Efficient Sanding and Finishing Tool

Ideal for Surface Preparation and Finishing:

  • Coarse 40 Grit for Effective Material Removal: The 10pc 2in Mounted Flap Wheel set features a 40 grit abrasive, making it ideal for aggressive sanding and surface preparation. This coarse grit efficiently removes material, perfect for smoothing rough surfaces, removing paint, rust, and other coatings.

  • Versatile for Various Materials: These flap wheels can be used on a range of materials, including metal, wood, and plastics, making them versatile tools for various projects in workshops, garages, or on job sites.

Convenient and Easy to Use Design:

  • Mounted for Easy Attachment: Each flap wheel is mounted on a 1/4-inch shank, which is a standard size for many rotary tools, drills, and die grinders. This design allows for quick and easy attachment, enhancing work efficiency.

  • 2-Inch Wheel Size for Accessibility: The 2-inch diameter of the wheels makes them suitable for working on both large surfaces and in tighter, hard-to-reach areas. Their size offers a good balance between coverage and precision.

Durable Construction for Longevity:

  • Robust and Long-Lasting: Designed for durability, these flap wheels can withstand the demands of regular use. They are built to maintain their grit and structure over time, ensuring a long service life.

  • Even Wear for Consistent Performance: The flaps on these wheels are designed to wear evenly, maintaining a consistent sanding surface throughout their use. This even wear extends the usability of the wheel and ensures consistent results.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications:

  • Ideal for Professional and DIY Projects: Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, these flap wheels are excellent for a variety of sanding and finishing tasks. They are particularly useful for preparing surfaces before painting or for achieving a smooth finish on crafted items.

  • Multipack for Added Value: The set includes 10 flap wheels, providing good value and ensuring that you have enough wheels on hand for multiple projects or replacements.


The 10pc 2in 40 Grit Mounted Flap Wheel - 02925 is a practical and efficient tool for anyone needing effective sanding and surface preparation capabilities. With their coarse grit, easy mounting, and durable construction, these flap wheels are ideal for a wide range of applications, offering both professionals and DIY enthusiasts a reliable solution for their sanding needs.