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10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81030
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10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81030

10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81030

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10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81030: Efficient and Durable for Surface Finishing

Optimized for Aggressive Sanding and Finishing:

  • 40 Grit for Coarse Material Removal: The 10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs are designed for aggressive sanding and material removal. The 40 grit rating indicates a coarse abrasive surface, making these discs suitable for rapid removal of material from surfaces, such as smoothing rough edges, stripping paint, or rust removal.

  • Ideal for Metal and Woodworking Projects: These flap discs are versatile for use on various materials, including metal and wood. They are particularly effective in metal fabrication, welding preparation, and woodworking tasks where coarse sanding is necessary.

Convenient and Quick Attachment System:

  • Roll-Lock Style for Easy Attachment: The discs feature a roll-lock style attachment system, which allows for quick and easy attachment to compatible tools. This system enhances productivity by simplifying the process of changing discs.

  • 3-Inch Size for Versatility: The 3-inch diameter of these flap discs makes them suitable for use on small to medium-sized surfaces. Their size offers a balance between covering adequate surface area and allowing access to tighter spaces.

Durable Construction for Extended Use:

  • Long-Lasting Abrasive Flaps: The flap discs are constructed with durable abrasive flaps that are designed to last longer and provide consistent performance throughout their lifespan. This durability ensures that each disc can be used to its full potential.

  • Pack of 10 for Continued Work: With 10 discs included in the set, users have a sufficient supply for multiple projects or for replacement needs. This quantity is practical for both professional and DIY users who engage in regular sanding tasks.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency:

  • Safe for Various Sanding Applications: The flap discs are designed to be safe for use, reducing the risk of gouging the material being sanded. They provide a more controlled and even sanding action compared to other abrasive products.


The 10pc 40 Grit 3in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81030 are an effective and durable choice for anyone needing coarse grit sanding tools. Their easy attachment system, appropriate size, and long-lasting construction make them ideal for a variety of sanding applications, particularly in metalworking and woodworking projects. Whether for professional use or personal DIY tasks, these flap discs offer the efficiency, durability, and safety required for effective surface preparation and material removal.