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10pc 80 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81026
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10pc 80 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81026

10pc 80 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81026

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10pc 80 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81026: Versatile and Efficient for Surface Finishing

Designed for Medium Grit Sanding:

  • 80 Grit for Smoothing and Finishing: The 80 grit of these 2-inch Roll-Lock Flap Discs is ideal for medium-grit sanding tasks. This grit level is perfect for smoothing out surfaces, removing smaller imperfections, and preparing surfaces for finishing or painting.

Convenient and Quick Change System:

  • Roll-Lock Style for Easy Attachment: These flap discs feature a roll-lock style attachment system, which allows for quick and hassle-free disc changes. This design enhances productivity by reducing downtime associated with changing discs.

Durable and Consistent Performance:

  • Long-Lasting Abrasive Material: Made from durable materials, these flap discs are designed to maintain their grit and abrasive qualities even under regular and demanding usage. This ensures consistent performance over time.

Suitable for a Variety of Surfaces:

  • Versatile for Multiple Materials: The discs can be used on a range of materials, including metal, wood, and composites, making them versatile for various projects in automotive work, carpentry, and DIY tasks.

Bulk Pack for Extended Use:

  • 10 Discs for Ample Supply: With 10 discs included in the set, users have a sufficient supply for multiple projects or for replacement needs. This quantity is practical for both professional and DIY users engaged in regular sanding tasks.

Ideal for Smooth and Even Finishing:

  • Consistent Sanding Quality: The uniform grit quality of these discs ensures consistent sanding across different surfaces, which is crucial for achieving a smooth, even finish on workpieces.


The 10pc 80 Grit 2in Roll-Lock Flap Discs - 81026 are an essential tool for efficient and effective medium-grit sanding. Their roll-lock attachment system, durable construction, and versatile application make them ideal for a wide range of sanding tasks in both professional and DIY contexts. Whether for automotive work, carpentry, or general maintenance, these flap discs provide the reliability and quality needed for achieving excellent surface finishes.