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10pc Vehicle Lockout Tool Kit - 16275IIT
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10pc Vehicle Lockout Tool Kit - 16275IIT

10pc Vehicle Lockout Tool Kit - 16275IIT

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The 10pc Vehicle Lockout Tool Kit, model 16274IIT, is a comprehensive set designed for unlocking most cars and trucks in situations where keys are not available. It's an indispensable kit for emergency services, roadside assistance professionals, or even for personal use in case of accidental lockouts.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Selection of Tools: The set includes a variety of tools to tackle different types of locks and mechanisms found in a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

  • Carrying Case: All tools come neatly organized in a durable carrying case for easy transport and quick access.

  • Instruction Guide: The kit comes with an instructional manual detailing how to safely and effectively use each tool on most vehicles.

Kit Components:

  • Slim Jim and Other Specialized Tools: The classic slim jim and other specialized tools included are designed to slide into door panels and trigger the mechanism that unlocks the door.

  • Wedges: Wedges are included to create the necessary gap for tool insertion without damaging the vehicle.

  • Wire Tools: Flexible wire tools can be maneuvered into tight spaces to pull up lock tabs or manipulate internal car door components.

Additional Information:

  • Emergency Access: This kit is primarily intended for use in emergency situations to regain access to locked vehicles when the keys are not available.

  • Professional Quality: Constructed with quality materials to withstand repeated use under challenging conditions.

  • Ease of Use: Tools are designed for efficient and straightforward operation, minimizing the risk of damage to the vehicle.

  • Comprehensive Solution: With 10 pieces, this kit offers a broad range of options to handle various lockout scenarios.

The 10pc Vehicle Lockout Tool Kit is a valuable asset for those who need to gain entry to locked vehicles without the keys, providing a professional and effective solution for challenging situations.