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110pc Grease Fitting Assortment - 43135
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110pc Grease Fitting Assortment - 43135

110pc Grease Fitting Assortment - 43135

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110pc Grease Fitting Assortment - 43135: Comprehensive and Durable for Hydraulic Maintenance

Extensive Collection for Various Needs:

  • Complete Assortment: The 110pc Grease Fitting Assortment provides a comprehensive collection of hydraulic grease fittings. This extensive range ensures you have the right fitting for various maintenance and repair tasks, particularly for replacing missing or damaged fittings in hydraulic systems.

  • Assorted Angles and Sizes: The set includes a variety of angles and sizes to fit different requirements. It contains 30 pcs of straight 1/4″-28, 15 pcs each of 45° and 90° 1/4″-28, 15 pcs each of 45° and 90° 1/8″ NPT, and 20 pcs of straight 1/8″ NPT. These options provide versatility for different grease fitting applications.

Durably Constructed for Long-Term Use:

  • Zinc Coated Steel for Rust Resistance: Each grease fitting in the assortment is made from zinc-coated steel, which resists rust and corrosion. This coating ensures the fittings maintain their integrity and functionality even in harsh environments.

Convenient and Organized Storage:

  • Includes Divided Storage Case: The assortment comes with a divided storage case, making it easy to organize and locate each specific type of grease fitting. This case not only helps in maintaining organization but also in transporting and storing the fittings securely.

Ideal for Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Useful for Machinery and Automotive Systems: The grease fittings are ideal for use in various hydraulic systems, including machinery, automotive applications, and industrial equipment. They are essential components for ensuring the smooth operation of these systems.

Suitable for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts:

  • Wide Range of Applications: Whether you are a professional mechanic, maintenance technician, or a DIY enthusiast dealing with hydraulic systems, this assortment provides the necessary fittings for a multitude of applications.


The 110pc Grease Fitting Assortment - 43135 is an essential collection for anyone involved in the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems. Its comprehensive range of sizes and angles, durable construction, and organized storage solution make it an invaluable toolset for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of hydraulic grease fittings in various applications. Whether in a professional workshop or a home garage, this assortment offers the versatility and reliability needed for effective hydraulic maintenance.