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12in Dual Head Tire Inflator - 10543
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12in Dual Head Tire Inflator - 10543

12in Dual Head Tire Inflator - 10543

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12in Dual Head Tire Inflator - 10543: Efficient and Convenient for Large Vehicle Tires

Designed for Large and Dual-Wheel Vehicles:

  • Ideal for a Range of Vehicles: This 12-inch dual head tire inflator is specifically designed for inflating tires on trucks, campers, buses, tractors, and other large vehicles. Its suitability for a wide range of vehicle types makes it a valuable tool in various settings, from commercial transport to farming.

Dual Head for Easy Access:

  • Access Internal Valve Stems: The dual head feature of the inflator provides easy access to internal valve stems, which are commonly found in dual-wheel configurations. This design simplifies the inflation process for these more complex wheel setups.

Extended Design for Hard-to-Reach Valves:

  • Reach Dual Wheels with Ease: The extended design of the tire inflator allows for convenient reach to valves on dual wheels, which are often challenging to access. This feature ensures efficient inflation of all tires, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Standard Connection Size:

  • 1/4" NPT Female Threads: The inflator comes with 1/4" NPT female threads, making it compatible with a wide range of air hoses and compressors. This standard threading ensures easy integration with existing air supply setups.

Durable and User-Friendly:

  • 5/8" Hex for Robust Use: The inclusion of a 5/8" hex adds to the tool's durability and provides a solid connection point for secure inflation operations.


The 12in Dual Head Tire Inflator - 10543 is a highly efficient and user-friendly tool designed for inflating tires on large and dual-wheel vehicles. Its dual head design, extended reach, standard threading, and robust construction make it an essential tool for commercial vehicle maintenance, farming, and recreational vehicle use. Whether for a truck fleet, agricultural machinery, or recreational vehicles, this tire inflator offers the practicality and reliability needed for maintaining proper tire pressure in a variety of large vehicles.