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13in Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge - 10552
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13in Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge - 10552

13in Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge - 10552

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13in Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge - 10552: Accurate and Durable for Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

Specifically Designed for Large Vehicles:

  • Suitable for a Variety of Vehicles: This heavy-duty truck tire gauge is designed to accurately measure tire pressure on trucks, buses, semis, and tractors, making it an essential tool for commercial vehicle maintenance.

Reverse Dual Head for Easy Access:

  • Reads Inner Dual Wheels: The reverse dual head feature allows for easy and accurate reading of tire pressure on inner dual wheels. This design is particularly useful for checking tires in large vehicles where standard gauges may not reach.

Robust Construction:

  • Durable Materials: The gauge is constructed with a nickel-plated brass tube and a zinc alloy steel head, ensuring durability and resistance to wear, even in demanding environments.

Clear and Precise Readings:

  • Four-Sided Bar Scale: Equipped with a four-sided bar scale, the gauge provides clear readings in both PSI and kPa. This dual marking system accommodates different measurement preferences and standards.

  • Wide Measurement Range: The gauge reads from 10 to 160 psi in 2 lb increments and 80 to 1100 kPa in 20 kPa increments, offering a wide range of measurements for various tire types and pressure requirements.

Ideal for Professional Use:

  • Accurate Pressure Measurement: Accurate tire pressure measurement is crucial for the safety and efficiency of large vehicles. This gauge provides precise readings, ensuring that tires are properly inflated, which is essential for optimal vehicle performance and safety.


The 13in Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge - 10552 is a practical and reliable tool for measuring tire pressure in large vehicles such as trucks, buses, and tractors. Its reverse dual head, durable construction, and precise scale markings make it an ideal tool for professionals in transportation, logistics, and agricultural sectors. Whether for routine maintenance or safety checks, this tire gauge ensures accurate readings and helps maintain optimal tire pressure in commercial vehicles.

y, and optimal vehicle performance. Whether used in a professional setting or by individual truck owners, this tire inflator offers a practical and reliable solution for tire maintenance needs.