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180pc Electrical Terminal Assortment - 37144
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180pc Electrical Terminal Assortment - 37144

180pc Electrical Terminal Assortment - 37144

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180pc Electrical Terminal Assortment - 37144

Effortless and Secure Connections:

  • No Soldering Needed: This assortment allows for quick and reliable electrical connections without the need for soldering, streamlining your work process and ensuring solid connections.
  • Insulated Protection: Each terminal is encased in heavy plastic sleeves, offering excellent insulation. This not only prevents short circuits but also keeps the wires from flexing, thus enhancing the longevity of your connections.

Comprehensive Variety for Versatility:

  • Wide Range of Types and Sizes: The set includes a diverse range of terminal types and sizes, ensuring you have the right connector for various electrical tasks. The assortment covers most common gauge sizes and terminal types used in electrical applications.
  • Assortment Includes: The kit comes with bullets (16-14 gauge), 10-32 ring (16-14 gauge), 3/8″ ring (16-14 gauge), 10-32 (10-12 gauge), butt connectors (22-16 gauge), 3/8″ ring (10-12 gauge), 10 spade (16-14 gauge), 10 spade (10-12 gauge), butt connectors (10-12 gauge), 1/4″ ring (16-14 gauge), butt connectors (16-14 gauge), female (18-14 gauge), male (18-14 gauge), and female bullet (16-14 gauge) terminals.

Easy Organization and Identification:

  • Convenient Packaging: The terminals are neatly organized in a durable case, making it easy to find and select the right connector for the job.
  • Clear Labeling: Each compartment is clearly labeled with the type and size of the terminal, saving time in identifying the appropriate connector for your wiring needs.

Suitable for Various Applications:

  • Wide Application Range: Perfect for automotive, marine, home, and industrial electrical wiring tasks, this comprehensive set caters to a broad spectrum of electrical connection needs.
  • Reliable Performance: These terminals provide secure and consistent electrical connections, essential for both simple DIY projects and complex professional installations.


The 180pc Electrical Terminal Assortment - 37144 is an indispensable kit for anyone involved in electrical work. With its wide range of terminal types and sizes, easy organization, and the convenience of no-solder connections, this set significantly enhances efficiency and reliability in various electrical tasks. Whether you're an automotive technician, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional electrician, this assortment provides the essentials needed for a multitude of wiring projects.