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2 Ton Web Sling - 23020
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2 Ton Web Sling - 23020

2 Ton Web Sling - 23020

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2 Ton Web Sling - 23020: Safe and Durable Lifting for Delicate Loads

Gentle on Sensitive Surfaces:

  • Designed for Protection: The 2 Ton Web Sling is engineered to minimize the risk of damage when lifting objects with delicate surfaces. Whether you're dealing with polished, soft, or painted finishes, this sling provides a secure lift without compromising the integrity of the material. This feature is particularly beneficial in industries where the aesthetic and surface condition of lifted items is a priority.

  • Ideal for a Range of Delicate Materials: Its gentle touch makes it perfect for a variety of applications, including in workshops, galleries, or any setting where the surface condition of the lifted item is critical.

Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing for Durability:

  • Resilient in Extreme Conditions: Made from heavy-duty polyester webbing, the sling is built to endure even the most challenging conditions. This material choice ensures that the sling does not rot or tear, maintaining its strength and integrity over time.

  • Long-Lasting Performance: The durability of the polyester webbing means that the sling can be used repeatedly in different environments, from outdoor job sites to indoor storage facilities, without losing its effectiveness.

Versatile Lifting Capabilities:

  • Multiple Hitch Options: This web sling is versatile enough to be used in various hitch configurations, including vertical, choker, or basket hitches. This adaptability makes it a highly functional tool for different lifting requirements and scenarios.

  • 2 Ton Capacity for Heavy Lifting: With a 2 ton lifting capacity, the sling is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty lifting tasks. It's capable of handling substantial loads while providing the security and protection needed for sensitive surfaces.


The 2 Ton Web Sling - 23020 is an essential tool for safely lifting heavy objects with delicate surfaces. Its protective design, combined with the strength and resilience of heavy-duty polyester webbing, makes it a reliable choice for a variety of lifting needs. Whether you're working in construction, warehousing, or any industry where the condition of the lifted object's surface is crucial, this web sling offers the durability, versatility, and gentle handling required for efficient and safe lifting operations.