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24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 28315
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24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 28315

24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 28315

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24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 28315: Sturdy and Reliable for Secure Fastening

Robust Design for Enhanced Durability:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The 24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord is designed for strength and durability. Its heavy-duty construction makes it reliable for securing loads and items in various settings.

  • 1/2 Inch Thickness for Strong Hold: The bungee cord's 1/2 inch thickness provides a robust and strong hold, ensuring that items are securely fastened during transport or in stationary applications.

Versatile Length for Multiple Uses:

  • 24-Inch Length for Flexibility: The 24-inch length of the bungee cord offers flexibility and adaptability for a variety of securing needs. It's long enough to provide a secure hold yet short enough for easy handling and storage.

Suitable for Various Fastening Tasks:

  • Ideal for Transportation and Storage: This bungee cord is ideal for securing items during transportation, such as on vehicles, trailers, or bikes. It is also useful for organizing and storing items in garages, workshops, or outdoor settings.

Convenient and Easy to Use:

  • Simple to Attach and Detach: The bungee cord is designed for ease of use, allowing for quick attachment and detachment. This convenience is essential in situations where speed and efficiency are required.

Enhanced Safety in Securing Loads:

  • Safe and Secure Fastening: The cord's robust build and reliable elasticity ensure that items are held securely, reducing the risk of shifting or falling, which is particularly important for safety during transport.

Highly Practical for Everyday Needs:

  • Useful for Home and Professional Use: Whether for personal use at home or in professional settings, this heavy-duty bungee cord is a practical tool for ensuring that items are safely and securely fastened.


The 24in x 1/2in Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 28315 is a sturdy, reliable, and versatile tool for securing items in a variety of situations. Its heavy-duty construction, appropriate length, and ease of use make it suitable for transportation, storage, and organizing tasks. Whether for personal or professional use, this bungee cord provides a secure and safe solution for fastening needs.