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25ft Trailer Wire Connector Kit - 16977
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25ft Trailer Wire Connector Kit - 16977

25ft Trailer Wire Connector Kit - 16977

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25ft Trailer Wire Connector Kit - 16977: Comprehensive and Durable for Trailer Wiring

Color-Coded and Convenient Lengths:

  • 25ft Trailer and 4ft Car End Connectors: The kit includes a 25-foot color-coded 4-way flat trailer end connector and a 4-foot color-coded 4-way flat car end connector. These lengths are sufficient for most standard trailer setups, providing enough slack for easy connection and maneuverability.

Robust and Reliable Construction:

  • Durable Molded Connectors: The connectors in this kit are molded for durability, ensuring they withstand the wear and tear of regular use. This design enhances the longevity of the connectors.

  • 22 Gauge Wires for Enhanced Lifespan: The use of 22 gauge wires in the connectors ensures a longer life and reliable performance, providing a secure electrical connection between your vehicle and trailer.

Complete Kit for Easy Installation:

  • Comprehensive Wiring Accessories: The kit includes essential accessories such as screws, washers, wire nuts, metal clips, a 3-way splice connector, and full-length ground wires. These components facilitate a complete and secure installation process.

Suitable for Various Trailering Needs:

  • Ideal for Different Trailer Types: Whether you are wiring a utility trailer, boat trailer, or camper, this kit provides the necessary components for a safe and effective electrical connection.

Enhances Safety and Compliance:

  • Ensures Proper Lighting and Signal Transfer: Proper wiring is essential for the safe operation of a trailer, ensuring that brake lights, turn signals, and running lights function correctly.

Ease of Use and Versatility:

  • Color-Coded for Easy Identification: The color-coded wires simplify the installation process, making it easier to identify and connect the correct wires, reducing the chances of errors.


The 25ft Trailer Wire Connector Kit - 16977 is a comprehensive, durable, and user-friendly solution for trailer wiring needs. Its color-coded connectors, durable construction, and complete set of installation accessories make it an ideal choice for anyone needing to establish or repair a trailer's electrical connection. Suitable for various types of trailers, this kit ensures a safe, reliable, and long-lasting electrical linkage between your vehicle and trailer.