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2pk 300 Lumen Slim Headlamp - FLCH30006
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2pk 300 Lumen Slim Headlamp - FLCH30006

2pk 300 Lumen Slim Headlamp - FLCH30006

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The Farpoint Slim Fit LED Headlamp 2-pack, model FLCH30006, offers a powerful lighting solution in a sleek and lightweight design. These headlamps are perfect for anyone needing hands-free illumination, whether for work in low-light environments, outdoor activities at night, or emergency situations.

Key Features:

  • Bright LED Illumination: Each headlamp is equipped with LED lights that provide a bright 300 Lumens output, ensuring clear visibility in the dark.

  • Two Brightness Levels: Users can choose from two different brightness settings to tailor the light intensity to the specific task at hand.

  • Wide Angle View: The headlamps offer a wide 180° field of vision, illuminating a larger area without the need to turn your head frequently.

  • Slim and Compact Design: Despite their power, these headlamps boast an ultra-thin profile, making them unobtrusive and easy to wear.

What's Included:

  • Two LED Headlamps: A pair of high-quality slim-fit headlamps that are durable and designed for easy removal.

  • Six AAA Batteries: The package includes the batteries needed to power both headlamps, so they're ready to use immediately.

Additional Benefits:

  • Efficient Power Usage: Each headlamp operates on just 3 AAA batteries, balancing minimal weight with maximum efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an easy-to-use click switch for turning the lights on/off and selecting brightness levels.

  • Comfortable Headband: The headband is lightweight and designed for comfort, even during extended wear.

  • Convenient Pack: With two headlamps included, you can keep one as a backup, share with a companion, or store in multiple locations.

Whether you're setting up camp at night, navigating a power outage, or working on a detailed project, the Farpoint Slim Fit LED Headlamps provide the convenience and visibility you need to get the job done.