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3/8in x 50ft Hybrid Air Rose and Reel - M613
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3/8in x 50ft Hybrid Air Rose and Reel - M613

3/8in x 50ft Hybrid Air Rose and Reel - M613

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The 3/8in x 50ft Hybrid Air Hose and Reel, model M613, epitomizes convenience and efficiency in air tool management. It is a comprehensive air delivery system that effortlessly combines the practicality of an auto-retracting reel with the superior performance of a hybrid hose. Designed to cater to the demanding environments of both professional workshops and home garages, it ensures that your workspace remains orderly, safe, and primed for productivity.

Extensive and Robust Design:

  • Generous Length for Vast Coverage: The reel houses 50 feet of 3/8-inch hose, offering extensive reach across your workspace, making it a breeze to work around obstacles and providing ample maneuverability.

  • Automatic Hose Retraction: The intelligent auto-retract feature neatly coils the hose without kinks or tangles, enhancing the longevity of the hose and maintaining a clutter-free work area.

  • Sturdy Mounting Options: The reel is designed to be mounted on various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, or benches, granting you the flexibility to place it in the most convenient location for your tasks.

  • Solid Brass Fittings: Each hose end is equipped with 1/4" NPTM brass fittings, recognized for their strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a secure and durable connection to your air tools and compressor.

Advanced Material Composition:

  • Hybrid Hose Advantage: Constructed from a high-quality blend of rubber and PVC, this hose delivers the resilience and all-weather capabilities of rubber along with the lightness and ease-of-use of PVC.

  • All-Climate Flexibility: Whether it's in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, the hose maintains its pliability, guaranteeing reliable airflow and performance in any weather condition.

  • Kink-Resistant Technology: The hybrid material is specifically engineered to resist kinks and folds, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted air supply to your tools.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Controlled Retraction Mechanism: The reel features a controlled retraction system that safeguards against the hose whipping back during retraction, a crucial safety feature that protects equipment and personnel.

  • Ready to Use: The package includes a 58-inch inlet hose, which connects the reel to the air compressor, offering a complete set-up straight out of the box.

  • Versatile Tool Compatibility: This air hose and reel are compatible with a broad spectrum of pneumatic tools, making it a versatile component of any tool collection.

The 3/8in x 50ft Hybrid Air Hose and Reel, model M613, stands out as an essential element for any work environment where pneumatic tools play a central role. It streamlines your work process by keeping air hoses organized, minimizing setup time, and providing a safe and efficient way to manage air delivery. The durability, convenience, and thoughtful design make it an investment that will yield returns in the form of a more productive and organized workspace.