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30pc Titanium Coated Diamond Burrs for Rotary Tool - 82331TF
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30pc Titanium Coated Diamond Burrs for Rotary Tool - 82331TF

30pc Titanium Coated Diamond Burrs for Rotary Tool - 82331TF

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30pc Titanium Coated Diamond Burrs for Rotary Tool - 82331TF: Versatile and Precise for Detailed Work

Professional Grade Assortment:

  • Extensive 30-Piece Set: This professional set includes 30 titanium-coated diamond burrs, with grits ranging from 120-150. The variety and quality of the burrs make them ideal for detailed and precision work on a variety of hard surfaces.

Wide Range of Applications:

  • Suitable for Multiple Materials: These burrs are excellent for filing and shaping brick, ceramics, fiberglass, glass, gold, metal, plastic, platinum, rock carbide, silver, stone, tile, wood, and other hard materials, offering versatility in usage.

Diverse Shapes for Versatility:

  • Various Burr Shapes: The set includes different shapes such as Ball, Cone, Rounded Cylinder, Flat Top Cylinder, Tapered, and Needle Point. This range allows for versatile applications and the ability to work on intricate and complex designs.

Use with Water as a Lubricant:

  • Recommended Lubrication for Efficiency: It is advised to use water as a lubricant when using these burrs, which helps in cooling and reducing dust, thereby extending the life of the burrs and improving the finish of the workpiece.

Universal Shank Size:

  • Compatibility with Rotary Tools: All burrs in this set have a ⅛" (3 mm) shank size, making them compatible with most die grinders and rotary tools. This universal compatibility is essential for professionals who use a variety of equipment.

Precise and Efficient:

  • Ideal for Detailed Work: The precision and efficiency of these burrs make them perfect for finishing, grinding, and shaping tasks where detail and accuracy are paramount.

Convenient Storage and Transport:

  • Compact Storage Case: After completing a job or project, the burrs can be neatly organized and stored back in the compact storage case. This case facilitates easy transport and ensures that the set is ready for future use.


The 30pc Titanium Coated Diamond Burrs for Rotary Tool - 82331TF is a highly versatile, precise, and professional-grade set, ideal for a wide range of applications on various hard materials. Whether for intricate art projects, detailed construction tasks, or precise metalworking, these burrs provide the durability, precision, and variety needed to achieve high-quality results. The inclusion of a storage case and the compatibility with standard rotary tools further enhance its practicality for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.