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3in Table Clamp Rotating Vise - 8436MVC

3in Table Clamp Rotating Vise - 8436MVC

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3in Table Clamp Rotating Vise - 8436MVC: Versatile and Sturdy for Precision Work

Lightweight Yet Robust Design:

  • Durable Aluminum Construction: The SE 3" Universal Aluminum Table Vise is crafted from aluminum, ensuring it is both lightweight and sturdy. This combination makes the vise easy to handle while being durable enough to withstand demanding projects.

360-Degree Rotation for Flexibility:

  • Versatile Positioning: The vise offers 360 degrees of rotation, providing flexibility and ease in positioning your work. This feature is particularly useful for intricate tasks that require precision from various angles.

Optimized Jaw Width and Opening:

  • 3-Inch Jaw Width: The width of the vise jaws is 3 inches, suitable for securing a variety of items of different sizes, making it versatile for various applications.

  • 2-Inch Opening Span: The jaws can span open up to 2 inches, allowing you to secure both small and medium-sized objects firmly for precise work.

Padded Jaws for Secure Grip:

  • Rubber Sole Padding: The jaws are equipped with rubber soles, providing a secure and comfortable grip on the item. This padding helps in preventing damage to the workpiece, especially when dealing with delicate materials.

Compact and Practical Dimensions:

  • Overall Size: The vise’s dimensions are 11" by 6" by 3", making it compact enough to fit on most worktables without occupying excessive space.

Mechanical Efficiency:

  • Parallel Jaws with Screw and Lever: The vise features two parallel jaws (one fixed and the other movable), threaded in and out by a screw and lever. This mechanism provides ease of use and precise control over the gripping pressure.

Ideal for Various Material-Handling Needs:

  • Multipurpose Use: Crafted with high-quality materials, this table vise is ideal for a wide range of applications, including metalworking, woodworking, and other material-handling needs.


The 3in Table Clamp Rotating Vise - 8436MVC is a versatile, durable, and user-friendly tool, essential for anyone who requires precision in their work. Whether for metalworking, woodworking, or general material handling, its rotating capability, padded jaws, and robust construction make it a reliable choice for both professionals and hobbyists. This tool simplifies complex tasks and provides the stability and precision needed for detailed work.