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4-1/2in Flap Wheel - 80060
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4-1/2in Flap Wheel - 80060

4-1/2in Flap Wheel - 80060

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4-1/2in Flap Wheel - 80060: High-Performance Accessory for Grinders

Ideal for Precision Grinding and Finishing:

  • Versatile Tool Attachment: Designed to fit a variety of grinders, this flap wheel is an essential accessory for grinding, sanding, and finishing tasks.
  • Size Suitability: The 4-1/2 inch diameter makes it compatible with most standard grinders, offering a balanced size for both precision and coverage.

Enhanced Abrasive Properties:

  • Effective Material Removal: The flap wheel efficiently removes material, making it ideal for surface preparation, deburring, and finishing.
  • Even Wear and Consistent Performance: As the flaps wear down, new abrasive material is exposed, ensuring consistent performance throughout the wheel's life.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

  • Quality Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use, this flap wheel maintains its form and effectiveness over time, even with frequent use.
  • Resistance to Clogging: The unique design helps prevent clogging, ensuring smooth operation and extended tool life.

Application Flexibility:

  • Works on Various Materials: Suitable for use on metals, wood, plastics, and other materials, offering versatility in grinding and finishing tasks.
  • Adaptable for Different Projects: Whether smoothing welds, shaping wood, or preparing surfaces for painting, this flap wheel is up to the task.

Ease of Use and Efficiency:

  • Saves Time and Effort: The effective abrasive action reduces the need for excessive pressure, saving time and effort in grinding and finishing processes.


The 4-1/2in Flap Wheel - 80060 is a valuable addition to any grinder setup, providing efficiency, versatility, and durability in grinding and finishing applications. Whether for professional use in a workshop or for DIY projects at home, this flap wheel delivers reliable performance and quality results on various materials. Its ease of use and effective material removal make it an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve smooth and precise finishes.