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4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap - 23036
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4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap - 23036

4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap - 23036

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4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap - 23036: Robust and Reliable for Towing and Recovery

Enhanced Durability for Tough Conditions:

  • Abrasion and Weather Resistant: Made from a high-quality polyester web, the 4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap is designed to resist abrasion and withstand harsh weather conditions. This resistance ensures the strap won’t rot or tear, even when used in extreme environments.

Optimized for Strength and Safety:

  • Reinforced Looped Ends: The tow strap features reinforced looped ends, enhancing its strength and durability. These looped ends are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the strap under heavy loads and during rigorous towing operations.

High Load Capacities for Heavy-Duty Use:

  • Substantial Working and Breaking Capacity: The strap boasts a working capacity of 6,666 lbs and a breaking capacity of 20,000 pounds. These high capacities make it suitable for heavy-duty towing and recovery tasks, providing peace of mind in demanding situations.

Versatile for Various Towing Needs:

  • Ideal for a Range of Applications: This tow strap is versatile and can be used for towing vehicles, pulling equipment, and recovery operations in automotive, agricultural, and recreational contexts.

Length and Width for Efficient Towing:

  • Ample Length and Width: The 30-foot length and 4-inch width of the strap allow for efficient and safe towing, providing enough length to handle large vehicles and equipment and sufficient width to distribute the load evenly.


The 4in x 30ft Extra Heavy Duty Tow Strap - 23036 is a robust, durable, and reliable solution for towing and recovery operations. Its weather and abrasion resistance, reinforced looped ends, and high load capacities make it an essential tool for automotive, agricultural, and recreational use, ensuring safe and efficient towing and recovery in even the most demanding conditions.