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5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing w/ Stand - 43100
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5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing w/ Stand - 43100

5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing w/ Stand - 43100

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5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing w/ Stand - 43100: Organized and Efficient for Electrical Projects

Versatile Set for Insulation and Sealing:

  • Assorted Sizes for Diverse Applications: The 5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing set comes with various sizes of tubing, making it suitable for a wide range of electrical insulation and sealing tasks. This assortment ensures that you have the right size tubing for different wire diameters and connection types.

  • Ideal for Electrical Repairs and Projects: Whether for automotive wiring, marine electrical systems, home electrical repairs, or DIY projects, this heat shrink tubing set provides a reliable solution for insulating wires, splices, and terminals.

Convenient Organization and Accessibility:

  • Includes Stand for Easy Dispensing: The set comes with a stand, allowing for convenient dispensing of the heat shrink tubing. This stand not only keeps the rolls organized but also makes it easy to cut the desired length of tubing.

  • Easy to Identify and Select Sizes: Each roll is clearly labeled, helping you quickly identify and select the appropriate size tubing for your project. This feature enhances efficiency and reduces time spent searching for the right size.

Durable and Protective Tubing:

  • Heat Shrink for Secure Fit: The tubing is designed to shrink tightly around wires when heated, providing a secure and protective fit. This heat shrink process ensures a durable and reliable insulation for electrical connections.

  • Protects Against Moisture and Corrosion: Once shrunk, the tubing forms a seal that protects against moisture, corrosion, and other environmental factors. This protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of electrical connections, especially in harsh environments.

User-Friendly for Professionals and Hobbyists:

  • Simple to Use: The heat shrink tubing is easy to cut and apply, making it user-friendly for both professionals and hobbyists. It requires only a standard heat gun or lighter for shrinking.

  • Enhances Safety of Electrical Connections: By providing a secure insulation, the heat shrink tubing also enhances the safety of electrical connections, reducing the risk of shorts and electrical fires.


The 5 Roll Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing w/ Stand - 43100 is a practical and essential tool for anyone working with electrical wiring. Its assortment of sizes, convenient dispensing stand, and durable protective properties make it an ideal choice for a variety of insulation and sealing tasks in electrical projects. Whether in a professional workshop, on a boat, or in a home garage, this heat shrink tubing set offers an organized, efficient, and safe solution for electrical insulation needs.