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779pc O-Ring Assortment Set - 43242
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779pc O-Ring Assortment Set - 43242

779pc O-Ring Assortment Set - 43242

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The 779pc O-Ring Assortment Set, model 43242, is a comprehensive collection of O-rings designed to cater to a wide range of sealing tasks. This set is invaluable for maintenance in plumbing, hydraulics, air systems, and gas connections, offering the right sizes to ensure a leak-proof seal in various applications.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Variety: A complete selection of O-ring sizes ensures you have the necessary part for any sealing requirement, making this set suitable for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Material Quality: Constructed from Nitrile Buna-N, these O-rings offer superior resistance to oils, gases, water, and alcohol solvents, ensuring reliable performance in different environments and with various substances.

  • Organized Storage: The assortment comes in a durable plastic storage case, neatly compartmentalized to keep the O-rings organized and easily accessible.

Additional Information:

  • Versatile Use: These O-rings are ideal for repairs and maintenance in a multitude of settings, including automotive, industrial, and home applications.

  • Resilience: The Nitrile Buna-N material provides a durable seal that maintains its integrity over time, even when exposed to harsh chemicals and varying temperatures.

  • Convenient Identification: The storage case may include a size chart or labels for quick identification, helping you find the exact O-ring you need without delay.

  • Ample Supply: With 779 pieces, this set ensures that you will have a ready supply of O-rings for immediate replacements and emergency repairs.

The 779pc O-Ring Assortment Set is a must-have for anyone who works with machinery and fittings that require high-quality seals. The variety and quantity of O-rings provided in this set make it an indispensable resource for ensuring the integrity of your connections and preventing leaks before they happen.