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90pc Heat Shrink Tubing - 43110
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90pc Heat Shrink Tubing - 43110

90pc Heat Shrink Tubing - 43110

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90pc Heat Shrink Tubing - 43110: Secure and Protective for Wire Management

Highly Effective Shrinking Capability:

  • Shrinks to Half Its Diameter: This heat shrink tubing is designed to shrink down to half its original diameter, providing a tight, secure covering for wire harnesses. This feature ensures a snug fit around wires and cables, offering enhanced protection and insulation.

Flame Retardant and Insulating:

  • Flame Retardant Covering: The tubing provides a flame retardant covering, which is crucial for maintaining safety in electrical applications. This property helps prevent the risk of fire hazards caused by electrical shorts or overheating.

  • Insulated for Safety and Protection: Apart from being flame retardant, the tubing also serves as an insulating material, protecting wires from external elements and preventing electrical accidents.

Ideal for Organization and Identification:

  • Suitable for Bundling: The tubing is ideal for bundling wires and cables, helping to organize and manage wire harnesses in electronic installations, automotive wiring, and other applications.

  • Color Coding Applications: This feature is particularly useful for color coding wires for easy identification, aiding in maintenance and troubleshooting processes.

Resistant to Chemicals and Fluids:

  • Durability Against Solvents: The heat shrink tubing is resistant to common fluids and solvents, ensuring that it maintains its integrity and protective properties even in harsh environments or in contact with various chemicals.

Safety and Compliance:

  • UL Listed for Reliability: Being UL Listed, the tubing meets specific safety standards, ensuring reliability and quality in its performance and construction.

Multipurpose Use Across Various Industries:

  • Versatile for Numerous Applications: This tubing is versatile and can be used across various industries, including automotive, electronics, and telecommunications, for wire protection and management.


The 90pc Heat Shrink Tubing - 43110 is an essential tool for anyone who needs a secure, flame retardant, and insulating solution for wire harness management. Its shrinking capability, resistance to fluids and solvents, and UL Listing make it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications, ensuring safety, organization, and efficiency in electrical and cable management tasks.