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9pc Roll Pin Punch Set - 61135
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9pc Roll Pin Punch Set - 61135

9pc Roll Pin Punch Set - 61135

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9pc Roll Pin Punch Set - 61135: Durable, Precise, and Convenient for Maintenance Tasks

Specialized Design for Precision Work:

  • Perfect for Hollow Pins and Springs: These roll pin punches are expertly designed for inserting or driving out hollow pins and springs, making them essential for precise mechanical work.

  • Guide Ball Tip for Alignment: Each punch features a guide ball tip that ensures perfect alignment in the pin, ensuring accurate and damage-free insertion or removal.

High-Quality Construction:

  • High-Carbon Steel Build: The punches are made from high-carbon steel, offering the strength needed for professional use and ensuring long-lasting durability.

  • Heat-Treated for Hardness and Flexibility: Each punch is heat-treated, hardening the tip for strength while maintaining the softer striking end to absorb hammer blows without chipping.

Comprehensive Set for Versatility:

  • Nine Convenient Sizes: The set includes punches in sizes ranging from 1/16 in. x 2-3/4 in. to 5/16 in. x 6-1/4 in., covering a wide range of needs for different applications.

  • Organized and Portable Storage: Comes with a roll-up storage pouch, making it easy to keep the punches organized and transport them as needed.

Ideal for Various Applications:

  • Machine and Equipment Maintenance: This set is ideal for servicing and repairing machines, small equipment, and firearms, providing the necessary tools for efficient maintenance.

  • Safe Pin Removal: Designed for the fast and safe removal of pins, reducing the risk of damage to parts during the maintenance process.

Durable and Reliable:

  • Drop Forged and Heat Treated Steel: Ensures overall strength and durability, making the set reliable for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Uniform Durability: The heat treatment process ensures that the entire punch is durable, not just the tip, providing consistent performance.


The 9pc Roll Pin Punch Set - 61135 is a highly specialized, durable, and versatile toolset ideal for professional and hobbyist mechanics alike. Its precise design, high-quality construction, and comprehensive range of sizes make it an essential set for anyone involved in machine, equipment, or firearm maintenance. The included storage pouch adds convenience and portability, making this set a valuable addition to any tool collection.