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Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife - MT-673
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Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife - MT-673

Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife - MT-673

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Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife - MT-673: Compact and Reliable for Everyday Carry

Compact and Functional Design:

  • Overall Size: Measuring 5 inches in total length, this neck knife is compact and easy to carry, making it a convenient tool for everyday use.

  • Blade Specifications: The knife features a 2-inch stainless steel blade, providing enough cutting edge for a variety of tasks while maintaining a manageable size.

Durable and Robust Materials:

  • Stonewashed Blade: The blade has a stonewashed finish, which not only gives it a rugged, worn look but also helps to hide scratches and marks, maintaining its appearance over time.

  • G10 Handle: The handle is made from G10, a high-pressure fiberglass laminate known for its strength, durability, and moisture resistance. This material ensures a secure grip and longevity.

Convenient Carrying Sheath:

  • Kydex Sheath Included: The knife comes with a Kydex sheath, a tough and weather-resistant material, providing a safe and secure way to carry the knife around the neck. The sheath ensures the knife is readily accessible while protecting both the blade and the user.

Versatile Usage:

  • Suitable for Various Applications: This neck knife is versatile enough for various tasks, including outdoor activities like camping and hiking, everyday utility uses, or even as a part of an emergency kit.


The Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife - MT-673 is a practical and reliable choice for anyone seeking a compact and durable knife for everyday carry. Its small size, combined with the robust construction and convenient carrying sheath, makes it an ideal tool for a range of activities and tasks. Whether for outdoor adventures, daily tasks, or emergency preparedness, this neck knife offers functionality and convenience in a compact package.