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Boxer 1/2in Screw In Anchor Shackle - FH409-12
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Boxer 1/2in Screw In Anchor Shackle - FH409-12

Boxer 1/2in Screw In Anchor Shackle - FH409-12

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The Boxer 1/2in Screw In Anchor Shackle, crafted from superior forged steel, is an indispensable tool engineered to handle your toughest anchoring jobs. Designed for robustness and versatility, this shackle provides a dependable solution for various securing and towing tasks.

Key Features:

  • High Load Capacity: The shackle boasts a substantial working load limit of 4000 lbs., making it suitable for an array of heavy-duty applications.

  • Impressive Breaking Strength: With a breaking capacity of 24000 lbs., this shackle offers extra security and peace of mind, ensuring that even under immense strain, it maintains integrity.

  • Forged Steel Construction: Made from high-quality forged steel, it is engineered for strength and durability to withstand rigorous use.

  • Corrosion Resistance: The galvanized finish protects the shackle from rust and corrosion, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in various environments, including maritime and industrial settings.

Additional Benefits:

  • Screw-In Design: The threaded pin design allows for straightforward and secure installation, as well as quick removal for fast adjustments on the job.

  • Versatile Attachment: The bow-shaped design provides ample room for connecting ropes, chains, and other rigging accessories, ensuring compatibility with a variety of equipment.

  • Durability in Tough Conditions: Built to resist wear, impact, and harsh weather, this shackle is designed to last, saving you time and money on replacements.

  • Safety and Reliability: Engineered to meet and exceed industry standards, offering you a reliable anchoring component that you can trust in critical situations.

Whether you're a professional contractor, an industrial worker, or an outdoor adventure enthusiast, the Boxer 1/2in Screw In Anchor Shackle is your go-to for a secure and reliable hold, ensuring that your equipment stays fastened, whatever the challenge may be.