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Boxer 1/4in - 5/16in G70 Double Clevis Link - FH401-516
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Boxer 1/4in - 5/16in G70 Double Clevis Link - FH401-516

Boxer 1/4in - 5/16in G70 Double Clevis Link - FH401-516

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Boxer 1/4in - 5/16in G70 Double Clevis Link - FH401-516: Robust and Reliable for Heavy-Duty Linking

Exceptional Load Capacity for Heavy Applications:

  • High Breaking Strength: The double clevis link has an impressive breaking strength of 14,100 pounds, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications in towing, lifting, and securing loads.

  • Substantial Working Load Limit: With a working load limit of 4,700 pounds, it offers significant capacity for safely handling substantial weights in various operations.

G70 Grade for Enhanced Durability:

  • Superior Material Quality: The G70 grade indicates a high level of strength and durability, ensuring the clevis link can withstand rigorous use in challenging environments.

Versatile Size Compatibility:

  • 1/4in - 5/16in Size Range: This double clevis link is compatible with chains and fittings in the 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch size range, offering flexibility and adaptability for different types of chains and applications.

Diverse Application Use:

  • Ideal for Multiple Settings: Perfect for industrial, agricultural, and transportation use, this clevis link is versatile enough for tasks like securing heavy equipment, agricultural machinery towing, or industrial lifting.

Secure and Reliable Linking:

  • Enhanced Safety: The double clevis design provides a secure and reliable connection between chains or other fittings, reducing the risk of disconnection or slippage under load.


The Boxer 1/4in - 5/16in G70 Double Clevis Link - FH401-516 is a high-strength, reliable solution for connecting chains in heavy-duty applications. Its impressive load capacity, G70 grade strength, and versatile size compatibility make it an essential component for industries requiring robust and secure linking solutions. Whether for towing, lifting, or securing heavy loads, this double clevis link ensures performance, safety, and reliability in demanding situations.