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Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap for E-Track - TO-6
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Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap for E-Track - TO-6

Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap for E-Track - TO-6

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Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap for E-Track - TO-6: Convenient and Strong for Secure Cargo Handling

Enhances E-Track System Versatility:

  • Easy Integration with E-Track: The Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap is specifically designed to add versatility to your E-Track system. It allows for the easy attachment of various cargo tie-downs like ratchets, cam buckle straps, ropes, chains, bungee cords, and hooks, expanding the functionality of the E-Track system.

Robust and Reliable:

  • High Breaking Strength: With a breaking strength of 5,000 pounds, this D-Ring strap is robust and capable of handling heavy loads, ensuring secure and reliable cargo management.

  • Substantial Working Load Limit: The strap has a working load limit of 1,667 pounds, providing a safe and efficient means of securing cargo during transport.

Simple and Convenient to Use:

  • No Installation Required: This product requires no additional installation. The simplicity of its design allows for immediate use with any E-Track system, making it convenient for rapid changes in cargo configurations.

  • Press Lever for Easy Attachment: The strap features a press lever on the spring fitting, which makes it easy to hook onto and detach from the E-Track system. This user-friendly mechanism enhances efficiency in cargo securing operations.

Versatile for Various Cargo Needs:

  • Ideal for Multiple Tie-Down Options: The D-Ring at the end of the strap provides a reliable anchor point for a wide range of tie-down equipment, offering flexibility in how cargo is secured.

Compact and Durable:

  • Space-Saving Design: The compact size of the strap (2 inches by 6 inches) ensures it does not take up excessive space, making it a practical addition to your cargo management tools.


The Boxer 2in x 6in D-Ring Strap for E-Track - TO-6 is a versatile, strong, and easy-to-use accessory, ideal for enhancing the functionality of E-Track systems. Its high breaking strength, substantial working load limit, and convenient design make it a valuable tool for secure and efficient cargo handling in various transportation and logistics scenarios. Whether for commercial trucking, moving, or other cargo transport needs, this D-Ring strap provides reliable performance and adaptability.