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Boxer 3/8in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG703820
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Boxer 3/8in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG703820

Boxer 3/8in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG703820

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Boxer Grade 70 Transport Chain with Clevis Hooks (3/8in x 20ft) - Model: TCG703820

Heavy-Duty Hauling Solution: The Boxer 3/8-inch x 20-foot Grade 70 Chain is a powerful and reliable tool for your binding, towing, and hauling needs. Constructed from high-strength, heat-treated carbon steel, this chain is designed to handle heavy loads with ease.

Exceptional Durability and Strength:

  • Grade 70 Standard: Engineered to meet rigorous Grade 70 specifications, renowned for superior durability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Long-Lasting Use: Resistant to wear and abrasion, ensuring a long service life even under tough conditions.

Secure Connection:

  • Clevis Hooks Included: Equipped with strong clevis hooks on both ends for secure and easy attachments to anchor points and loads.

Versatile Applications:

  • Transport Ready: Ideal for securing cargo during transport thanks to its compliance with transportation regulations.
  • Multipurpose: From farm use to construction sites, this chain is versatile enough for a range of tensioning and binding applications.

Visible and Compliant:

  • Gold Chromate Finish: Not only does the gold finish make the chain easily visible, but it also provides an extra layer of corrosion protection.
  • Compliance Assurance: Meets DOT and CVSA standards, ensuring it’s legal and safe for transport use.

Easy Handling and Storage:

  • Manageable Length: The 20-foot length strikes a balance between ample reach and ease of handling and storage.
  • Handy Storage: Comes ready to be stored and transported in your tool chest or truck bed, coiled to prevent tangles.

Whether you're securing heavy loads for transport or need a reliable chain for farm and industrial applications, the Boxer 3/8-inch x 20-foot Grade 70 Chain is up to the task. With clevis hooks included for your convenience, this chain is not just strong, it’s user-friendly, too – a go-to solution for those who demand both strength and ease of use in their equipment.