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Boxer 3in x 20ft Recovery Strap w/ Loop Ends- 77005
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Boxer 3in x 20ft Recovery Strap w/ Loop Ends- 77005

Boxer 3in x 20ft Recovery Strap w/ Loop Ends- 77005

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Boxer 3in x 20ft Recovery Strap w/ Loop Ends- 77005: Robust and Reliable for Vehicle Recovery

Strong and Durable:

  • High Breaking Strength: The recovery strap has an impressive breaking strength of 27,000 pounds, making it highly reliable for heavy-duty use in vehicle recovery and towing.

Safe Working Load Limit:

  • 9,000 pounds Working Load: The strap is rated with a working load limit of 9,000 pounds, providing a safe and secure means of recovering vehicles without risking damage to the strap or the vehicles involved.

Suitable for Mid-Size Vehicles:

  • Maximum Vehicle Weight Compatibility: With a maximum vehicle weight capacity of 13,500 pounds, this strap is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, making it a versatile tool for various recovery scenarios.

Generous Length and Width:

  • Ample Size for Various Situations: The strap's 30-foot length and 3-inch width offer flexibility in different recovery situations, allowing for a safe distance between vehicles and accommodating various towing and recovery angles.

Convenient Design:

  • Loop Ends for Easy Attachment: The loop ends on the strap are designed for easy and secure attachment to tow hooks, winches, or other recovery setups, enhancing the ease of use and efficiency in recovery operations.

Quality Material:

  • Durable Polyester Construction: Made from high-quality polyester, the strap is designed to be both strong and durable, resisting wear and tear even in tough conditions. Its material properties ensure long-term reliability and performance.


The Boxer 3in x 20ft Recovery Strap w/ Loop Ends- 77005 is a strong, reliable, and versatile tool for vehicle recovery. Its high breaking strength, safe working load limit, and suitability for a wide range of vehicle weights make it an essential item for emergency situations, off-road recovery, or general towing tasks. The strap's durable material, generous length, and practical design ensure it is a dependable solution for a variety of recovery needs.