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Boxer 5/16in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG7051620
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Boxer 5/16in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG7051620

Boxer 5/16in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG7051620

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Discover the strength and reliability of the Boxer 5/16in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG7051620, a durable and versatile chain equipped with clevis hooks at both ends, designed to handle a variety of load-binding applications.

Heavy-Duty Performance: Constructed from high-strength Grade 70 steel, this chain is engineered for superior load-bearing and towing tasks.

Versatile Length: Measuring 20 feet in length, this chain offers ample reach for securing equipment, vehicles, or cargo, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

Clevis Hook Attachments: Each end of the chain features a sturdy clevis hook, ensuring a reliable connection to anchors, equipment, or other chains.

High Visibility: The chain is finished with a yellow chromate coat that not only protects it from the elements but also provides high visibility for safety.

Substantial Load Capacity: The 5/16-inch diameter links are designed to meet transportation regulations, with a high working load limit suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Corrosion Resistant: The yellow chromate finish adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance, prolonging the chain's lifespan even in harsh weather conditions.

Easy Handling and Storage: Despite its strength, the chain remains flexible for easy handling, wrapping, and storage when not in use.

Transportation Compliant: This Grade 70 chain meets the rigorous standards required for transportation, ensuring your loads are secured legally and safely.

Multi-Industry Use: Ideal for truckers, loggers, and construction workers, this chain serves a wide range of industries and is a reliable component in any load-securing system.

Ready-to-Use: With clevis hooks already attached, this Boxer Grade 70 chain is ready to use right out of the package, saving time and hassle during setup.

The Boxer 5/16in x 20ft Grade 70 Chain - TCG7051620 is an essential tool for anyone who requires a reliable and robust chain for securing heavy loads. Its construction, features, and compliance with safety regulations make it a must-have in your load-securing arsenal.