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Buffalo Rubber Boot Scraper Mat - RBSM
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Buffalo Rubber Boot Scraper Mat - RBSM

Buffalo Rubber Boot Scraper Mat - RBSM

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Buffalo Rubber Boot Scraper Mat - RBSM

Efficient and Robust Design:

  • Dimensions for Convenience: Measures 12.5" in length and 15.38" in width, perfect for various shoe and boot sizes.
  • Rubber Construction: Made from resilient natural rubber compound, ensuring durability and longevity.

Optimized Cleaning Functionality:

  • Effective Cleaning Fingers: Features flexible rubber fingers that quickly remove dirt and muck from both the bottom and sides of footwear.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Entrances: Perfectly placed at any outdoor entrance, effectively scraping off unwanted debris before it enters your facility or home.

Enhanced Utility and Maintenance:

  • Versatile Dirt Removal: Efficiently cleans off mud, grass clippings, snow, salt, and sand, ideal for diverse weather conditions.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Simple to shake off or rinse, making maintenance hassle-free.

Safety and Cleanliness:

  • Keeps Indoors Clean: Greatly reduces the amount of dirt and moisture tracked inside, contributing to a cleaner and safer indoor environment.
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs: By stopping dirt at the door, it helps in reducing the need for indoor floor cleaning and maintenance.

Adaptability to Weather Conditions:

  • Performs in Harsh Elements: Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance throughout the year.
  • Effective in Snow and Ice: Snow and ice melt filters down the front and back edges, preventing buildup and slip hazards.


The Buffalo Rubber Boot Scraper Mat is an essential asset for maintaining cleanliness and safety at the entrances of homes, offices, or commercial buildings. With its durable rubber construction and flexible cleaning fingers, this mat efficiently removes dirt, mud, and other debris from footwear, preventing it from being tracked indoors. Its ease of maintenance and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions make it a practical and long-lasting solution for any outdoor entrance.