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Dewalt 100ft 12/3 Extension Cord w/ Lighted Ends - DXEC17443100
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Dewalt 100ft 12/3 Extension Cord w/ Lighted Ends - DXEC17443100

Dewalt 100ft 12/3 Extension Cord w/ Lighted Ends - DXEC17443100

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Dewalt 100ft 12/3 Extension Cord w/ Lighted Ends - DXEC17443100: Advanced Safety and Performance

Product Overview: Ensure your electrical equipment is properly grounded to keep your high-profile, hazardous job site safe. This 100 ft. 12/3 SJTW CGM Extension Cord features a green ground check light so you know the cord's electrical current is safely grounded, and an amber power check light on the plug that indicates power delivery through the cord. With a cold-weather jacket rated at -40°F, you can trust this extension cord to stand up to temperatures below freezing.

Innovative CGM Status Feature:

  • Ground Continuity Monitoring: The green LED on the female end visually confirms ground continuity in the cord and circuit, enhancing safety.
  • Visual Power Indicator: An amber LED on the plug end indicates power flow from the outlet through the extension cord, providing an immediate visual aid.

Superior Construction for Durability:

  • Heat and Corrosion Resistant: The cord features industrial-strength contacts with nickel-coated blades and pins to improve conductivity and resist corrosion.
  • Cold-Weather Jacket: Rated at -40°F, the cord's jacket is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions.

Additional Safety and Convenience Features:

  • Prevent End Separation: Oversized strain reliefs and pre-molds are incorporated to prevent separation from the jacket, enhancing durability.
  • UL Listed and cUL Approved: Meets stringent safety standards, rated at 15A, 125V, and 1875W, ensuring safe operation.
  • Guaranteed Working Flexibility: Remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40°F, thanks to its cold-weather SJTW PVC insulation and jacket.
  • Multi-Conductor Cable: Features 3 conductors containing 65 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire, ensuring maximum conductivity.
  • Maximum Flexibility Under Full Load: The soft-drawn and annealed copper maintains flexibility even under full load conditions.

Conclusion: The Dewalt DXEC17443100 extension cord is an exceptional tool for anyone needing reliable and safe power in tough conditions. Its advanced features like CGM status LEDs, heat and corrosion-resistant contacts, and cold-weather resilience make it an indispensable accessory for challenging job sites. Whether you're working in freezing temperatures or need assured grounding and power indication, this cord delivers performance, safety, and durability.