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Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032
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Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032

Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032

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Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032: Enhanced Precision for Advanced Projects

Superior Visibility and Sturdy Construction:

  • Easy-to-Read Contrasting Color Graduations: The Dewalt 12in Quick Square boasts stamped-in graduations in a contrasting color, ensuring better visibility and precision. This feature is especially beneficial for tasks requiring exact measurements and cuts, enhancing the accuracy of your work.

  • Heavy-Duty Extruded Aluminum Body: Designed for durability, the square's extra-thick extruded aluminum body is built to withstand heavy-duty use. This robust construction makes it an ideal tool for both professional construction sites and intensive DIY projects.

Multi-Purpose Design for Varied Applications:

  • Optimized as a Saw Guide: This rafter square excels as a saw guide, providing straight and accurate guidance for cuts. Its reliability and precision make it a must-have for carpentry, framing, and other construction tasks.

  • Large Base for Stable Grip: The square's large base is designed to offer a better grip on materials, providing stability and ease of use. This stability is crucial for achieving accurate markings and cuts on a variety of materials.

Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Scribe Line Notches for Rip Cuts: The inclusion of scribe line notches in the square allows for easy marking of rip cuts. This added feature is invaluable for woodworkers and carpenters, aiding in consistent and precise cutting along the wood grain.

Product Overview:

The Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032 is an essential tool for professionals and hobbyists who require accuracy and durability in their measuring and cutting tools. Its large size, combined with the heavy-duty construction and contrasting color graduations, makes it a reliable choice for a wide array of construction and woodworking projects. The large base and scribe line notches add to its versatility, making it a comprehensive tool for precise and efficient work.


For those engaged in advanced construction, carpentry, or DIY projects, the Dewalt 12in Quick Square - DWHT46032 offers the robustness, precision, and versatility needed. Whether for measuring, cutting, or marking, this tool ensures that your work is accurate and efficient, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.