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Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain - DW01DT612
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Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain - DW01DT612

Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain - DW01DT612

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Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain - DW01DT612: Enhanced Efficiency and Safety for Cutting Tasks

Innovative Chain Design for Optimal Performance:

  • Centri-Lube® Technology for Extended Life: The Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain features the unique Centri-Lube® system. Each drive link has a specially designed channel that distributes oil from the bar to the rivets, significantly reducing friction. This innovative lubrication system not only enhances the chain's efficiency but also extends its lifespan by minimizing wear.

  • Ramped Depth Gauges for High-Speed Cutting: The chain is equipped with ramped depth gauges, facilitating smooth and high-speed cutting. This feature enables efficient cutting while also reducing the likelihood of kickback and vibration, contributing to both performance and safety.

  • Semi Chisel Chain for Sustained Sharpness: As a semi chisel chain, it maintains its sharpness longer than a full chisel chain, making it suitable for a variety of woodcutting tasks. This type of chain strikes a balance between aggressive cutting and durability, providing a reliable cutting experience over time.

Tailored for Dewalt Cordless Chainsaws:

  • Designed for 12 in. Bars: This replacement chain is specifically designed to fit 12 in. bars on Dewalt's 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw (DCCS620). Its compatibility ensures optimal performance and reliability when used with Dewalt's cordless chainsaw models.

  • Low-Vibration for Comfortable Use: The low-vibration design of the chain contributes to a more comfortable and controlled cutting experience. This feature is particularly beneficial during extended use, reducing fatigue and improving precision.

Safety-Conscious Features:

  • Meets ANSI Low Kickback Standards: Safety is a paramount concern, and this chain meets all standards for ANSI Low Kickback Chain. This compliance ensures that the chain is not only effective in its cutting capabilities but also safe for users, minimizing the risk of accidents.


The Dewalt 12in Replacement Chain - DW01DT612 is a thoughtfully designed and highly effective tool for woodcutting tasks. Its Centri-Lube® technology, ramped depth gauges, and semi chisel design offer a blend of efficiency, durability, and safety. Compatible with Dewalt's 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaws and meeting rigorous safety standards.