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Dewalt 13in Benchtop Planer w/ Extension Tables - DW735X
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Dewalt 13in Benchtop Planer w/ Extension Tables - DW735X

Dewalt 13in Benchtop Planer w/ Extension Tables - DW735X

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Dewalt 13in Benchtop Planer w/ Extension Tables - DW735X

Powerful and Efficient Performance:

  • Robust Motor: Equipped with a powerful 15 amp, 20,000 rpm motor, easily handling large cuts in wider materials.
  • Cutterhead Speed: Features a 10,000 rpm cutterhead speed, ensuring smooth and precise planning of various materials.

Enhanced Cutting Experience:

  • Three Knife Cutter Head: Delivers 30% longer knife life, making knife changes faster and more efficient.
  • Two-Speed Gear Box: Allows users to adjust the feed speed, with options for 96 or 179 cuts per inch (CPI), optimizing the planing according to the material's requirements.

Design and Construction:

  • Durable Base: Comes with a 19-3/4 inch cast aluminum base, offering twice the rigidity of standard bases, enhancing stability during operation.
  • Fan-Assisted Chip Ejection: Integrated system vacuums chips off the cutter head, efficiently ejecting them from the machine for a cleaner work area.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Automatic Carriage Lock: Reduces movement that causes snipe, eliminating the need for manual engagement and ensuring smoother finishes.
  • Material Removal Gauge: Ensures accurate cuts every time, complemented by an extra-large thickness scale for precision measurements.
  • Extra Large Turret Depth-Stop: Enables users to quickly return to the most frequently used thicknesses, enhancing productivity.

Additional Inclusions:

  • Infeed and Outfeed Tables: Included to support the material, providing better control and smoother finishes.
  • Extra Set of Knives: Comes with an additional set of knives for extended tool life and convenience.


The Dewalt 13in Benchtop Planer with Extension Tables - DW735X stands out as a top-tier tool for professional woodworking and DIY projects. Its robust motor, efficient cutter head, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for those who demand precision and reliability in their planing tasks. Whether you're working with hardwoods or softwoods, this planer ensures consistently high-quality results with minimal effort.