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Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw - DCS781X1
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Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw - DCS781X1

Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw - DCS781X1

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Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw - DCS781X1: Advanced, Efficient, and Portable for Professional Woodworking

Powerful Single Battery Operation:

  • 60V MAX Flexibility:* The Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw is designed for single battery operation, utilizing a powerful 60V MAX* system. This provides enough power to tackle professional applications, ensuring efficient and effective cutting.

  • Exceptional Runtime: It delivers an exceptional runtime, capable of up to 675 cuts in 3 1/4 in. MDF Base Molding and 255 cuts in pressure-treated 4 in. x 4 in. lumber on a single charge.

Innovative Technology for Extended Battery Life:

  • CUT.CAPTURE.CHARGE™ Technology: The saw features Regenerative Braking Technology, which extends runtime by redirecting lost energy back into the battery during use.

Efficient Design and Dust Management:

  • High Dust Capture Efficiency: The saw captures up to 94% of dust when cutting, significantly reducing workspace cleanup. This feature is particularly beneficial when working in enclosed or sensitive areas.

  • Dual-Fitting Dust Port: Equipped with a standard AirLock™ port for seamless integration with DEWALT extractors, it's also compatible with standard wet/dry vacuums, enhancing its versatility in dust management.

Optimized for Precision and Capacity:

  • CUTLINE™ Blade Positioning System: This system provides accurate cut line indication, ensuring precision in cuts without the need for adjustments.

  • Optimized Cutting Capacity: The saw is capable of cutting 6-1/2 in. Baseboard Vertically, 6-1/2 in. Crown Molding Nested, and 12-3/16 in. wide lumber, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

Convenience and Portability:

  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 50.9 lb (bare tool), the saw is designed for easy transport, making it suitable for various jobsites and demanding woodworking tasks.

  • Bevel-Gear Transmission: The efficient bevel-gear transmission delivers fast, reliable cutting and is designed to reduce power losses, a common issue with belt-drive designs.

  • Ease of Use: The saw offers easy blade change and adjustments for cut depth, miter, and bevel cuts, enhancing user convenience.


The Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 12in Miter Saw - DCS781X1 is a highly efficient, precise, and portable tool, ideal for professional woodworking applications. Its advanced battery technology, efficient dust capture, precision cutting capabilities, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for carpenters, contractors, and anyone in need of a reliable and powerful miter saw for various woodworking projects. Its innovative design and functionality ensure top-notch performance in a range of cutting applications.