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Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 20in Chainsaw - DCCS677Y1
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Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 20in Chainsaw - DCCS677Y1

Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 20in Chainsaw - DCCS677Y1

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The Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 20in Chainsaw - DCCS677Y1 is a powerful, cordless chainsaw designed to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with ease and efficiency. This chainsaw comes equipped with a charger and a high-capacity 12ah battery, ensuring long-lasting performance for extensive use.

Key Features:

  • Quick Chain Adjustment: Features an onboard wrench for convenient and fast chain adjustments.

  • Built for Safety: The chainsaw includes limited kickback protection and a chain brake, enhancing user safety during operation.

  • Continuous Lubrication: An auto-oiling feature ensures the chainsaw remains lubricated, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining smooth operation.

  • High-Performance Motor: The brushless motor outputs up to 3.49 HP using a DCB612 battery, providing power comparable to a 50.2 cc gas chainsaw.

  • Efficient Bar Retention: Tooled chain tensioning ensures reliable bar retention for dependable performance.

  • Low Kickback Bar: Designed to minimize kickback, enhancing safety and control during use.

Additional Features:

  • Peak Power Comparable to Gas: Delivers power akin to a 50.2 cc gas chainsaw, offering a cordless solution without compromising on strength.

  • Exceptional Torque: Provides up to 2.43X the torque of a 50.2 cc gas chainsaw, ensuring robust cutting capabilities.

  • Fast Cutting Performance: Capable of cutting through a 17-inch white oak log in as fast as 18 seconds using the included DCB612 battery.


  • Cordless Convenience: Eliminates the need for fuel, reducing emissions and maintenance.

  • Extended Runtime: The 12ah battery offers extended use, minimizing downtime for recharging.

  • Portable and Easy to Use: Its cordless nature ensures ease of movement and use in various locations without the hassle of a power cord.

  • Robust Construction: Built to handle tough cutting tasks, from chopping firewood to felling trees.

  • User-Friendly Design: Ergonomic features and safety mechanisms make it suitable for both professional and home use.

The Dewalt 60V FLEXVOLT 20in Chainsaw - DCCS677Y1 is ideal for users seeking a high-performance, cordless chainsaw that combines the power of gas with the convenience of battery operation. Whether for professional forestry work, landscaping, or home yard maintenance, this chainsaw offers the reliability and efficiency needed to get the job done.