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Dewalt 75pc Utility Blades - DWHT11004
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Dewalt 75pc Utility Blades - DWHT11004

Dewalt 75pc Utility Blades - DWHT11004

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Dewalt 75pc Utility Blades - DWHT11004: Precision and Durability in Every Cut

Exceptional Blade Quality:

  • High-Grade Steel Construction: These Dewalt utility blades are crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring sharpness and durability. The material choice provides the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, making them resistant to chipping and breaking.

  • Precision Sharpening: Each blade in this 75-piece set is precisely sharpened, offering consistent and accurate cuts every time. The fine edge makes them ideal for a variety of cutting tasks, from slicing through packaging to detailed material trimming.

Versatile Compatibility and Use:

  • Universal Fit for Utility Knives: Designed to fit most standard utility knives, these blades offer wide compatibility. This universal design ensures that they can be easily integrated into your existing toolkit without the need for specialized equipment.

  • Multipurpose Cutting Application: Whether you're working on a construction site, in a workshop, or tackling DIY projects at home, these blades are versatile enough for a range of applications. They excel in cutting through cardboard, plastic, drywall, and other materials with ease.

Large Quantity for Extended Use:

  • Ample Supply for High-Volume Needs: With 75 blades included, this set provides a long-lasting supply, ideal for environments where frequent blade changes are necessary. This bulk pack not only offers convenience but also ensures that you always have a sharp blade at hand when needed.

Designed for Safety and Efficiency:

  • Safe and Easy Blade Changes: The blades are designed for quick and safe changes, reducing the risk of injury during replacement. This feature is especially beneficial in fast-paced work environments where efficiency is key.

  • Dependable Performance: Dewalt's commitment to quality guarantees that these utility blades perform reliably under various conditions. Their consistent performance is a testament to the brand's focus on crafting tools that professionals can trust.


The Dewalt 75pc Utility Blades - DWHT11004 set is an essential addition for anyone who values precision and reliability in their cutting tools. The combination of high-grade steel, universal compatibility, and a large quantity makes this set a practical choice for both professional and personal use. Whether you're handling heavy-duty cutting tasks or precise trimming, these blades provide the sharpness and durability needed to get the job done right.