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Dewalt 9in Torpedo Level - DWHT43003
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Dewalt 9in Torpedo Level - DWHT43003

Dewalt 9in Torpedo Level - DWHT43003

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Dewalt 9in Torpedo Level - DWHT43003

Robust and Precise Construction Tool:

  • Sturdy Aluminum Body: Designed with an extruded aluminum body, this torpedo level offers a perfect blend of strength and lightweight handling, making it an ideal tool for various construction tasks.

  • Solid Block Vials: Equipped with solid block vials, the level ensures both durability and accuracy, maintaining a precision of 0.0005"/in. This feature guarantees reliable readings in diverse working conditions.

  • Versatile Angle Identification: The rotating vial feature is particularly useful for identifying and replicating angles, slopes, and pitches, making it a versatile tool for various leveling tasks.

Enhanced Readability and Durability:

  • Magnified Center Vial: The center vial is magnified for improved readability. This enhancement allows for easier and quicker readings, facilitating efficient work progress.

  • Shock-Resistant Over-Molded End Caps: The rubber end caps provide added shock resistance, protecting the level against impacts and drops, thus extending the tool's lifespan.

  • Precision Milled Surfaces: Both the top and bottom surfaces are meticulously milled, ensuring utmost accuracy during measurements and alignments.

Strong Magnetic and Adaptable Base:

  • Rare Earth Magnets: Incorporating rare Earth magnets, the level strongly adheres to metal surfaces, offering stability and hands-free usage, which is particularly useful in metalworking scenarios.

  • V-Groove Base: The V-Groove base design allows the level to be used effectively on both flat and rounded surfaces, increasing its application scope in various construction and DIY projects.


The Dewalt 9in Torpedo Level - DWHT43003 is an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its strong aluminum construction, precise vials, and versatile features make it a reliable and indispensable instrument for achieving level and accurate measurements in a wide range of building, remodeling, and crafting tasks. Its robust design, coupled with user-friendly enhancements, ensures that this level meets the high standards expected from Dewalt's range of quality tools.