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Dewalt Portable Power Station - DCB1800B
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Dewalt Portable Power Station - DCB1800B

Dewalt Portable Power Station - DCB1800B

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Unleash the power of cordless electricity with the Dewalt Portable Power Station - DCB1800B, a versatile and robust powerhouse for all your on-site power needs.

Versatile Battery Compatibility: This portable power station flexes its compatibility muscles by accepting up to four Dewalt 20V or 60V batteries, transforming them into a 110V AC outlet ready to bring your tools and devices to life.

High-Wattage Output: With its 1800 Watt portable power supply, you can run most corded tools and electrical appliances with ease, making it perfect for job sites, camping, or emergency backup power.

Simultaneous Charging: When you're near an AC source, plug in the DCB1800B to not only draw power but also act as a 4-port battery charger, refueling all inserted batteries.

Seamless Switching: This power station features an instant-on switch, providing you with immediate power without the noise or fumes of a traditional generator.

Cordless Convenience: Free yourself from the search for outlets. With this power station, your work doesn't have to stop — wherever you may be.

Durable Construction: Built with the tough demands of the worksite in mind, this unit can withstand the rigors of daily use, transport, and varied outdoor conditions.

Power Output: Equipped with 110V AC outlets, it can power multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring your productivity never takes a hit.

Zero Emissions: Enjoy the benefits of power without the gas. This electric power source is eco-friendly, operating without emitting harmful fumes, perfect for indoor use or enclosed spaces.

Easy to Use: Simply insert your charged batteries, turn it on, and you've got portable power at your fingertips. It's that straightforward.

Charge Status Indicators: Integrated LED indicators keep you informed about the charging status and battery levels, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

The Dewalt Portable Power Station - DCB1800B stands as your reliable power companion, ready to tackle any challenge without a cord in sight. Whether you’re a professional contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or preparing for unforeseen power outages, this power station ensures you have the electricity you need, when and where you need it.