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Dewalt Right Angle Impact Attachment - DWARA120
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Dewalt Right Angle Impact Attachment - DWARA120

Dewalt Right Angle Impact Attachment - DWARA120

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Upgrade your tool arsenal with the versatile Dewalt Right Angle Impact Attachment - DWARA120. This ingeniously designed attachment lets you drive screws and drill holes in tight and confined spaces with ease, where a traditional drill or driver just can’t reach.

Versatile Angled Design: The DWARA120 features a compact 90-degree head that provides a solution for working in narrow and hard-to-reach areas, making your drilling and driving tasks significantly easier.

Impact Ready Performance: Built to withstand the force of high-torque impact drivers, this attachment is made with robust materials that promise durability and a long life.

Fastener Compatibility: It's designed to use all 1/4in shank bits, giving you the versatility to tackle a wide range of screw sizes and types.

Magnetic Bit Tip Holder: Equipped with a magnetic bit tip holder, it ensures your bits and screws stay in place, reducing the chance of drops and lost fasteners.

Easy Bit Changes: Using your next bit or anything similar in size, you push the back of the housing removing the bit in use allowing for quick and easy bit changes without additional tools.

Increased Gear Life: The gears are engineered with shock-resistant tool steel which means longer life and reliable performance.

True to Dewalt's Legacy: As with all Dewalt products, this right angle impact attachment is designed to meet the rigorous standards of professional use, ensuring reliability when you need it most.

Convenient Compatibility: It works seamlessly with all standard hex shank accessories and is compatible with most 18V and 20V impact driver and drill models.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Dewalt Right Angle Impact Attachment - DWARA120 offers a practical solution for improving access in tight spaces without compromising on power. With this attachment, you’ll make quick work of jobs that would otherwise require cumbersome setups or even hand fastening. Just attach, adjust, and achieve results with Dewalt's guaranteed performance.