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Dewalt ToughSystem Organizer w/ Clear Lid - DWST08202
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Dewalt ToughSystem Organizer w/ Clear Lid - DWST08202

Dewalt ToughSystem Organizer w/ Clear Lid - DWST08202

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Dewalt ToughSystem Organizer w/ Clear Lid - DWST08202: Robust and Versatile for Organized Storage

Highly Durable and Visible Design:

  • Polycarbonate Clear Lid: The Dewalt Organizer features a clear lid made from robust polycarbonate, providing resistance to impacts and damage. The transparency of the lid allows for full visibility of contents, making it easy to identify stored items quickly.

  • Structural Foam Box Walls: Constructed with durable structural foam box walls, this organizer offers a robust structure, ensuring longevity and resilience to handle the rigors of frequent use and transportation.

Customizable and Secure Storage:

  • Removable Cups for Organization: The organizer includes 4 large and 8 small removable cups, providing versatile storage options for securely keeping small items such as screws, nails, and other accessories.

  • Fully Compatible with ToughSystem® Storage Line: This organizer is designed to be fully compatible with the Dewalt ToughSystem® storage line, allowing for integration with a broader system for comprehensive storage solutions.

Enhanced Protection and Convenience:

  • Integrated Water Seal: An integrated water seal offers protection from environmental elements (IP65), making the organizer suitable for use in various working conditions, including damp or dusty environments.

  • Stacking Side Latches for Modular Use: Equipped with stacking side latches, the organizer allows for attaching additional organizers or other ToughSystem modules, enhancing its functionality and adaptability.

  • Robust Anti-Rust Metal Latches: The use of anti-rust metal latches ensures that the organizer remains secure and the contents are protected, even in demanding work environments.

Compatibility and Security Features:

  • Fits ToughSystem Metal Carrier DWST08210: The organizer is designed to fit the ToughSystem Metal Carrier DWST08210, providing a seamless integration for transportation and storage.

  • Central Locking Mechanism: It can be secured by its central locking mechanism, ensuring that the contents remain secure during transit and when stored.


The Dewalt Organizer w/ Clear Lid - DWST08202 is a durable, versatile, and secure storage solution, ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who require an organized and robust system for their accessories and supplies. Its clear lid, customizable compartments, water resistance, and compatibility with the ToughSystem® line make it an invaluable tool for efficient and protected storage in various work environments. Whether used standalone or as part of a larger system, this organizer provides the durability, flexibility, and security needed for effective storage and organization.