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Diablo 3pk 1-1/4in Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - DOU125BW3
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Diablo 3pk 1-1/4in Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - DOU125BW3

Diablo 3pk 1-1/4in Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - DOU125BW3

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Diablo 3pk 1-1/4in Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - DOU125BW3: Precision, Durability, and Universal Compatibility

Specialized Design for Enhanced Performance:

  • Application-Specific Blades: Diablo’s bi-metal oscillating blades are crafted with application-specific designs, ensuring maximum durability and a longer life, especially in nail-embedded wood applications.

  • Ultra-Hardened Cutting Edge: These high-performance blades feature an ultra-hardened cutting edge, delivering up to 5X longer life than standard blades, making them ideal for demanding projects.

Innovative Features for Clean and Accurate Cuts:

  • Curve Contact Edge: The curve contact edge of the blades creates a pilot for precise, clean plunge cuts. This feature also contributes to less vibration during use, enhancing user comfort.

  • Black I.C.E. Coating: The blades’ teeth are coated with Black I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element), keeping them cool and build-up free. This results in fast, clean cuts, and extends the life of the blade.

Universal Fit for Broad Tool Compatibility:

  • Adapter-Free, Universal Interface Design: These blades are designed to fit most tools without the need for adapters, making them a convenient option for a wide range of oscillating multi-tools.

  • Compatible with Major Tool Brands: They offer maximum performance in both cordless and corded tools from brands like Bosch®, Craftsman®, Dewalt®, Dremel®, Fein®, Hart®, Makita®, Milwaukee®, Porter-Cable®, Ridgid®, Rockwell®, and more.

Value and Efficiency:

  • 3-Pack for Added Savings: This pack provides a 33% savings, offering great value for both professional and DIY users.

  • 2 in. Cutting Depth: The blades offer a 2-inch cutting depth, allowing for versatile use in various cutting tasks.

  • Not Compatible with Starlock Tools: It’s important to note that these blades are not compatible with Starlock tools, ensuring users check their tool compatibility before purchase.


The Diablo 3pk 1-1/4in Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - DOU125BW3 set is a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who demand precision, durability, and versatility in their cutting tasks. Their specialized design, innovative features, and universal compatibility make them an excellent choice for a wide array of applications, ensuring clean, efficient, and long-lasting performance.