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Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray 11in x 16in - 5017HV
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Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray 11in x 16in - 5017HV

Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray 11in x 16in - 5017HV

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Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray 11in x 16in - 5017HV: Efficient and Durable for Tool Organization

Optimized for Tool and Part Organization:

  • Multiple Compartments for Sorting: The Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray features 10 individual compartments, perfect for organizing a variety of small items such as nuts, bolts, washers, and other parts or tools. This design aids in keeping your workspace orderly and your small items easily accessible.

  • Ideal for Various Project Needs: Whether you're working on a specific project or need a system for ongoing organization, this tray is an excellent solution for keeping your small parts and tools sorted and within reach.

Designed for Convenience and Compatibility:

  • Fits in Standard Tool Boxes and Drawers: The tray is designed to fit within shallow drawers and standard tool boxes, making it a versatile addition to your existing storage system. Its dimensions of 11 inches by 16 inches are optimized to fit in most tool storage spaces.

  • Stackable for Space-Saving Storage: The trays are stackable, allowing you to maximize your storage space. This feature is particularly useful in workshops or garages where space efficiency is key.

Robust and Long-Lasting Material:

  • Fuel and Solvent Resistant: Made from materials that are resistant to fuels and solvents, these trays are durable and suitable for use in environments where they may be exposed to such substances.

  • Sturdy Construction for Durability: The trays' sturdy construction ensures that they can withstand regular use and the demands of a workshop environment.

High-Visibility Design for Easy Identification:

  • Hi-Viz Color for Quick Locating: The high-visibility color of the tray makes it easy to spot in a toolbox or drawer, saving time when trying to locate specific parts or tools.

Made in the USA for Quality Assurance:

  • Domestically Manufactured: These trays are made in the USA, ensuring a high standard of quality and reliability in their construction and materials.


The Ernst 10 Compartment Hi-Viz Organization Tray 11in x 16in - 5017HV is a practical and efficient solution for organizing small parts and tools. Its multiple compartments, compatibility with standard tool boxes and drawers, stackable design, and durable, fuel and solvent-resistant construction make it an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The high-visibility color and robust build, coupled with the assurance of being made in the USA, ensure this tray is a valuable asset for maintaining an organized and efficient workspace.