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Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer - 5020
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Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer - 5020

Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer - 5020

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Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer - 5020: Compact and Efficient for Tool and Part Organization

Ideal for Organizing Small Components:

  • Versatile for Various Small Items: The Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer is designed to efficiently store and organize small items such as nuts, bolts, washers, parts, and tools. Its compartments are suitable for keeping these items sorted and easily accessible, making it perfect for both professional and DIY projects.

  • Convenient for Workshop and Garage Use: This organizer is especially useful in workshops, garages, or during project work, where keeping small components organized can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity.

Designed for Easy Storage and Accessibility:

  • Fits in Shallow Drawers and Standard Tool Boxes: The organizer is designed with a compact size of 10.5” x 10.5”, allowing it to fit easily in shallow drawers and standard tool boxes. This feature makes it convenient to store and transport, ensuring that your small parts and tools are always within reach.

  • Stackable for Space-Saving Storage: The trays are stackable, which helps in maximizing storage space. This design is beneficial in environments where workspace is limited, allowing for organized storage without occupying much room.

Durable and Resistant Construction:

  • Fuel and Solvent Resistant: Made to withstand the rigors of a workshop environment, the organizer is resistant to fuel and solvents. This durability ensures that it can be used in various settings without damage from chemical exposure.

  • Sturdy Build for Long-Term Use: The Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer is constructed to be sturdy, ensuring it can hold up to regular use and handling. Its robustness adds to the longevity of the organizer, making it a reliable storage solution.

Manufactured in the USA:

  • Quality Assurance: Made in the USA, this organizer is a product of high manufacturing standards, ensuring quality and reliability in its design and construction.


The Ernst 3 Compartment Organizer - 5020 is a practical and durable solution for anyone needing to organize small parts and tools. Its compact size, stackable design, and resistance to fuel and solvents make it an ideal choice for workshops, garages, and a variety of project environments. Whether you are a professional mechanic, a craftsman, or a DIY enthusiast, this organizer provides an efficient and reliable way to keep your small components neatly organized and easily accessible.