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Extended Reach Telescopic Campfire Fork - EBF2989
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Extended Reach Telescopic Campfire Fork - EBF2989

Extended Reach Telescopic Campfire Fork - EBF2989

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Extended Reach Telescopic Campfire Fork - EBF2989: Enhanced Safety and Versatility for Outdoor Grilling

Adaptable Length for Comfort and Safety:

  • Telescopic Functionality: Adjusts from a compact 16.5 inches to an extended 57 inches, offering versatility and adaptability for various cooking distances.
  • Safe Distance from Heat: The extended length ensures you stay comfortably away from the fire or grill, reducing the risk of burns and overheating.

Robust and Long-Lasting Materials:

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures durability, rust-resistance, and a long lifespan, making it suitable for frequent outdoor use.
  • Quick Cool-Down Feature: The stainless steel material cools down rapidly post-use, enhancing safety when packing away or handling after cooking.

Efficient and User-Friendly Design:

  • Flat Tip Prongs: Designed to securely hold food, preventing slipping or breakage, ensuring a smooth cooking experience.
  • Multi-Use Tool: Ideal for cooking a variety of foods like hot dogs, marshmallows, kebabs, and vegetables, making it a versatile addition to any outdoor cooking set.

Ideal for a Range of Outdoor Activities:

  • Perfect for Camping and Picnics: Compact and easy to transport, it's an essential tool for camping trips, picnics, backyard BBQs, and beach parties.
  • Party and Gathering Friendly: Excellent for group events, allowing everyone to cook their food to their liking safely.

Safety and Handling Instructions:

  • Sharp Point Caution: Users should be cautious of the sharp point, especially when extending or retracting the fork.
  • Heat Awareness: The metal can become hot during use; always allow it to cool before handling or storage.
  • Child Safety: Due to its sharp point and metal composition, it should be kept out of reach of children and is not suitable as a toy.


The Extended Reach Telescopic Campfire Fork - EBF2989 is a thoughtfully designed, versatile tool that significantly enhances the outdoor cooking experience. Its adjustable length provides both safety and convenience, while its sturdy construction ensures reliability and longevity. Whether you're an avid camper, a BBQ enthusiast, or simply enjoy outdoor gatherings, this campfire fork is an indispensable tool for safe and enjoyable cooking over open flames.