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EZ-Pour 2pk Air Vents for Gas Can - V1
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EZ-Pour 2pk Air Vents for Gas Can - V1

EZ-Pour 2pk Air Vents for Gas Can - V1

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EZ-Pour 2pk Air Vents for Gas Can - V1: Simplified Venting Solution for Fuel Containers

Easy Installation and Universal Fit:

  • Push-In Vent Design: The EZ-Pour Air Vents are designed with a simple push-in mechanism, making them incredibly easy to install. This user-friendly design ensures that you can quickly and efficiently set up the vent on your gas can or water jug.

  • Compatible with Various Cans and Jugs: These vents are suitable for many older models of Blitz, Midwest, and other fuel cans that require a 1/2” vent hole. They are also compatible with many water jugs featuring similar vent requirements, offering a versatile venting solution.

Efficient Venting for Better Fuel Flow:

  • Improves Fuel Flow: By allowing air to enter the can as fuel is poured out, these vents improve the flow of liquid, reducing glugging and spills. This makes refueling faster and more efficient.

Simple Installation Process:

  • Easy to Install in Existing Containers: For cans and jugs that already have a 1/2” hole, installation is as simple as pushing the vent into place.

  • Drilling for New Installations: In containers without a pre-existing hole, a 1/2” hole can be drilled to accommodate the vent. The straightforward installation process makes these vents a practical addition to older gas cans and jugs that need improved airflow.

Packaged for Convenience:

  • Package of Two: The EZ-Pour Air Vents come in a package of two, providing a spare vent for multiple containers or as a replacement for future use.

Enhances Safety and Usability:

  • Reduces Spills and Wastage: Proper venting not only aids in smooth pouring but also reduces the chances of spills and wastage, enhancing safety during fuel transfer.


The EZ-Pour 2pk Air Vents for Gas Can - V1 is a convenient and practical solution for improving the functionality of older gas cans and water jugs. Their easy push-in design, compatibility with a variety of containers, and simple installation process make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance the pouring efficiency and safety of their fuel storage containers. Whether for personal or professional use, these air vents are a valuable addition to ensure smooth and safe fuel transfer.